Tuesday, December 14, 2010

24k Gold Vibrator? I THINK SO!

So there is this contest for a 24k gold vibrator by Jimmyjane, I can't speak for anybody else but all I want for Christmas is the Jimmyjane Little Gold. This little beauty is obviously the creme de la creme of vibrators. Made by a highly reputable manufacturer, and out of GOLD no less this gorgeous vibrator is just the thing to cheer me up right before I enter into a divorce with my estranged husband. Not to mention the fact that it will put a smile on my face after a day of chasing 2 small children around the apartment as they destroy everything from carpeting to upholstery after ingesting no less than half a box of Oreo cookies. UGH. There is no place in which you can keep a box of cookies safe from a 4 yr old.

I discovered this contest on a website which hosts some rather engaging sex toy reviews. I highly recommend reading through them as the writer is both talented and witty;). You should at the very least get a kick out of quotes like “I have the golden vibrator, motherfucker?!”.

Now, if you are reading this and have a certain somebody special in your life, whether that somebody is your partner or your vagina, enter this contest. I ORDER YOU. After all it's Christmas, so get your shit together!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Shopping

So the holidays are quickly approaching and its the time of year where people are either cheerful or totally depressed. It is always good to do what we can to make the holidays as enjoyable and stress free as possible,  for those of us who enjoy the holidays it is always a challenge to try and create an enjoyable experience for those who have more difficulty. For those who do have difficulty it is important to try and avoid high stress situations like shopping in over crowded malls, fighting over the last of a particular item. Unfortunately holidays can cause some what of an emotional divide between the lovers and the haters. So in consideration of that I have put together a small sample of some of the wonderful products offered by Edenfantasys.com. I threw in some lingerie, aroma therapy candles, massage candles, some beautiful silk restraints and toys for sensory play, as well as a few massagers, vibrators and couples toys. I hope to have provided something for everyone and perhaps this will make your holiday shopping a bit less stressful! All of these items can be used with a partner so keep them in mind when you are thinking of a way to spend a nice evening together:)

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Introduction

As a child I felt like my family was full of freaks. Everybody else I knew had entirely heterosexual, totally normal  immediate and extended family. I grew up in a family with 2 bisexual daughters, 2 gay uncles, a lesbian cousin and a lot of questions. I was raised believing that sex and sexuality were things to be respected and accepted thought not necessarily discussed. The discussions we did have were awkward and the information very haphazard.

I however am curious by nature, so naturally I found places to research and discover as much about sex as I could. Libraries, friends, friends siblings... etc. In highschool I received  a 98%  in sexual education, and I have been in and out of enough relationships in the last 10 years to have practiced what I have learned and realized that I know very little.

At almost 30 I know more about my body, and sex than many many women my age.  Yet I still feel like I have just chipped away at surface of what there is to know, and I know I am not the only one. For anybody who is interested in learning a little more I hope I prove to be an invaluable resource, as I share what I know, and what I  learn along my journey, with you.