Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Introduction

As a child I felt like my family was full of freaks. Everybody else I knew had entirely heterosexual, totally normal  immediate and extended family. I grew up in a family with 2 bisexual daughters, 2 gay uncles, a lesbian cousin and a lot of questions. I was raised believing that sex and sexuality were things to be respected and accepted thought not necessarily discussed. The discussions we did have were awkward and the information very haphazard.

I however am curious by nature, so naturally I found places to research and discover as much about sex as I could. Libraries, friends, friends siblings... etc. In highschool I received  a 98%  in sexual education, and I have been in and out of enough relationships in the last 10 years to have practiced what I have learned and realized that I know very little.

At almost 30 I know more about my body, and sex than many many women my age.  Yet I still feel like I have just chipped away at surface of what there is to know, and I know I am not the only one. For anybody who is interested in learning a little more I hope I prove to be an invaluable resource, as I share what I know, and what I  learn along my journey, with you.


  1. Well you knew my family LOL! My sister is a lesbian and living where we lived it wasn't accepted as you probably know already. I remember getting teased all the time by the jocks things like "your sisters fucking gay and so are you" My sister got a job at Canadian Tire when she was 17 and the owner came in to my moms work and was bragging about how good of a worker Vikki was and THEN they found out she was a lesbian and fired her the next day. It was awful. The town is much different now as a lot of people are either bi-sexual , lesbian, queer or else just accept it. Of course there's still some people that don't, but most do. I never had any sex talks with my mom or dad as it would just become awkward and end rather quickly. I got pregnant young and had a miscarriage and of course that was embarrassing and made me feel like people were ashamed of me. And then about a year later got pregnant again with my son. I used to regret getting pregnant at the age I did, but now I'm happy that I did. I want to be able to see my child grow up and with the disease i have I'm not going to live a long full life so I'm happy I had him young so i get to see him grow up. I mean who knows i could get hit by a car tomorrow , but I'm sure you get what i mean. One thing i remember in school , was how embarrassed I used to be during Sex ed. I think more than others and I think it was because we never talked about that sort of thing at home. Like i said, my parents never had any sort of sex talk with us, except one time she tried to when i had my miscarriage LOL it was obviously too late mom! and that convo ended real quick as we were both very uncomfortable. So it always made me feel really uncomfortable during sex ed at school ,discussing it with a room full of kids and the teacher. And those stupid pictures they made us colour!! I felt so foolish colouring in the penis and balls WTF. i still think thats kinda silly LOL. And i think i was the only one that didn't touch the fake boob to see what a "lump" felt like. I remember regretting it , because i was scared I'd never know what one would feel like LOL. I was a very , very shy kid until I reached a certain age and then things became very different. I moved out from home when i was 15 and i remember seeing other friends and their families and thinking they were "normal" and i wasn't. I now look at most of them and think "god i'm glad i'm not them" Seriously.. i don't think any of them are "normal" not now anyway.. lol well i'll stop blabbing haha i don't know how to follow your blog so maybe you could follow mine and then i'll click on yours or something?

  2. Im always down to listen to a woman explore her sexuality. Even down to help by telling You dirty stories. I look forward to hearing more

  3. Im always down to listen to a woman explore her sexuality. Even down to help by telling You dirty stories. I look forward to hearing more

  4. I love hearing about a woman who is exploring and discovering more about her body. You ever need someone to listen or even tell you a story that'll have you dripping wet. Hit me up